Monday, December 26, 2011


38. Visit a vineyard
47. Buy someone + me a lottery ticket
48. Take pics in a photo booth with Jon
54. Get laser hair removals
56. Shred old documents

Crossing these off the list...Killed two birds with one stone last August, when Jon and I spent a few relaxing days at the beach in St. Joseph, MI. There was the scariest children's carousel right next to the beach, including a clown that looked like it had murdered hundreds, and a photo booth to so we knocked out #48. We also visited a couple of vineyards up in Michigan, so #38 is also done. I'd still like to go to Napa soon.

I bought Jon a couple of lottery tickets for his birthday back in October. I bought them from a kiosk in the airport while I was waiting to get on a flight to I-don't-even-remember-where during the Halloween media tour. I bought myself one too, and scratched it right away to kill a few moments. Neither of us won squat, but #47 is complete.

I recently went through all of my "important papers," if you can consider utility bills from 2002 important. Not the most interesting thing on the list, but I've shredded all of those unnecessary documents and feel a little bit lighter.

And, thanks to LivingSocial, I'm in the process of getting laser hair removal on the cheap. It's a just a tiny bit painful for a second, but should be well worth it. So after a few more months, #54 will be crossed off the list.


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