Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hand In Hand - #11 and #16

I'm getting through this list more slowly than I anticipated.

Jon and I planted a few things in the backyard on Mother's Day weekend, when it was sunny and close to 90°. In a typical move, Chicago weather has thrown us for a loop and we've had a whole lot of rain and cold since then. We'll see how our little victory garden fares. From seed, we planted beans, beets, cipollini onions, thai peppers, and something elese that I'm now forgetting. We've also got a tomato plant and several kinds of herb starters. I'll take photos if/when there is something to show for it. My landlord also plants like crazy, and he's really good at sharing, so I'm looking forward to cucumbers, blueberries, and other items from his lot. He's even got a few corn stalks this year.

To go along with our gardening efforts, we're also composting our organic waste. It's kind of funny to be setting aside apple cores and coffee grinds when my building doesn't even have recycling, but every little bit helps, and we're hoping to have some non-stinky and free fertilizer later on in the summer months.

Come on, summer months!

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