Wednesday, January 26, 2011

101 Things

The purpose of this list is to inspire me. If it inspires someone besides me, that's an added bonus. Here's my 101 things to get done in 1001 days. If it's in bold, it's been checked off the list.

1. Letter to my future self, to be read 10 years from now
2. Build a piece of furniture
3. Take French classes
4. Go to an estate sale
5. Go camping
6. Take a Zumba class
7. Go Geocaching
8. Snowboard
9. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
10. Attend a Chicago Fire game
11. Grow strawberries and/or other fruits and veg
12. See 10 classic movies I’ve never seen
13. Run a 5K
14. Organize “Winter Olympics”
15. Organize citywide scavenger hunt for friends
16. Start a compost bin
17. Start a new food blog
18. Bury a time capsule
19. Spend time in Brooklyn/NYC
20. Drink real absinthe
21. Tour a Frank Lloyd Wright House
22. Forage for mushrooms
23. Leave a note in every library book I check out
24. Go to Pilsen Art Walk
25. Wear full lingerie
26. Go apple picking
27. Eat at Alinea
28. Go to Arlington Racetrack
29. Set up external HD and transfer music/photos
30. Bake cinnamon rolls from scratch
31. Take Maggie and Molly overnight
32. Take Kaia overnight
33. Swim 1/2 mile straight comfortably
34. Save enough money for an FHA loan (3.5% or more)
35. Take Mom and Dad to dinner
36. Learn to change a tire
37. Donate blood every 3 months (2/10)
38. Visit a vineyard
39. Cook rack of lamb
40. Buy a silk robe
41. Wear red lipstick
42. Donate food to a food pantry
43. Save $10 for every task accomplished
44. Night swim
45. Learn to play blackjack
46. Make homemade donuts
47. Buy someone + me a lottery ticket
48. Take pics in a photo booth with Jon
49. Memorize recipes for BDC tapings
50. Use up excess bath/body products before buying more
51. Answer 50 Questions that Will Free Your Mind
52. Take a multivitamin every day for 30 straight days
53. Eat dinner by candlelight
54. Get laser hair removal
55. Keep work desk decluttered for 30 straight days
56. Shred old documents
57. Get a massage
58. Host a 5 course dinner party
59. Buy kitchen table and chairs
60. Learn to can
61. See a drive in movie
62. Eat vegetarian for 1 week
63. Write a letter to Jon to be read in 10 years
64. Do Chiditarod
65. Update resume
66. Find another professional organization to join
67. Watch sunrise on Lake Michigan
68. Make a workout playlist of songs
69. Develop a monthly/weekly budget and follow for 1 year
70. Take a kickboxing class
71. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
72. Play beach tennis
73. Carve a pumpkin
74. Sneak into a second movie at the theater
75. Buy nothing for 1 week
76. Keep credit card balances at 0
77. Give flowers to someone
78. Go to Medieval Times
79. Master Irish Soda Bread recipe
80. Cook at least 2 recipes from every food mag I buy
81. Buy and use a hula hoop
82. Get promoted/get a raise
83. Learn to make cheese
84. Do 20 pushups consecutively and not die
85. Read Marquis du Sade
86. Ride a rollercoaster
87. Customize my cubicle at work
88. Don’t sign into Facebook at work for 1 month
89. See Amy’s dolphin show
90. Travel to a foreign country
91. Wear only dresses for one week
92. Cash in change for vacations
93. Slow dance in an inappropriate place
94. Start and keep a restaurant list
95. Learn how to roast coffee beans
96. Learn the tarot
97. Go to a jazz club
98. Have an article published
99. Paint a wall “mural”
100. Call Grandma once a month (1/32)
101. Spend New Year’s Eve in a different city

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